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Clintonville Farmers' Market - Columbus, Ohio

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Saturday Morning Farmers' Market in Clintonville, Ohio

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Clintonville Farmers' Market Headlines

The Farmers You Meet at Market Work Hard for Your Food!

The market asked our producers about this hot dry year. Answers are still coming in, but the current response is from half of all types of producers (growers, cheese, meat, and cottage foods). Of all our growers of produce and flowers, 60% responded. 


Growers of produce and flowers: At this point in the year, how is your product yield overall, compared with other years?

40% say their yield is down by about 25%  

30% say their yield is down by about 50%  

30% say yield is the same or is a higher yield


Growers of produce and flowers: If yield is significantly different this year, what are reasons and challenges? (Some of these issues are interrelated, but were mentioned specifically). # = # of replies.

8  Not enough $ or method to water adequately

6  Heat

3  Germination problems

2  Early produce season cut short


Growers of produce and flowers: Taking into account the weather (and other conditions you want to describe pertinent to you), are you planning to do anything different for next season?  

4  Change types of plants/limit varieties of plants grown

4  No major change/ keep learning  

4  Set up irrigation differently

3  Scale back farm size or number of markets attending

2  Use high tunnel/greenhouse instead of field

2  Don't know; just keep on!

1  Plant earlier and succession plantings


All Respondents (including cottage, meat, cheese):

What's the biggest challenge in specialty crop farming or cottage foods production?

9  Weather/Climate

4  Labor 

3  Marketing

4 Pests/Predators/Weeds

2  Availability of for local sourcing (cottage foods)

2  Learning a new crop and growing crops well

2  Educating customers

1  Keeping up with demand 

1  Shrinking demand

1  Adapting to all the challenges  

1  Space 

1  Regulations


One farmer mentioned it's been difficult to find field labor able to withstand long hours of high heat. Another said, "People don't want to eat produce that's undersized, misshapen, and bug-eaten. If you're just growing corn or soybeans, nobody cares if it's not pretty." A flower grower said, because of weather, "The number of blooms put out by our flowers is significantly fewer in number, slower to form, smaller in size, and generally weaker."


The same flower farmer said, "I think the most important thing to remember for any of us is that this is as bad as it could get for us, the heat is as bad as it has been ever and the precipitation is at the lowest levels in many years...It's got to get better."


Keep supporting local farmers and producers you meet at the market. Really truly, we're all in this together.


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