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The Great Dust Bowl and Today

From 1931 to 1938, an unrelenting drought gripped the Great Plains. Unrestrained plowing and grazing had left the land vulnerable to high winds that blew hundreds of thousands of tons of topsoil away in what came to be known as the Dust Bowl. Crops were wiped out, farm animals died, and people were sickened and died of "dust pneumonia," the result of breathing in the dust that found its way into even well-sealed houses. Coming in the midst of the Great Depression, it triggered a migration and displacement of 2.5 million Americans.


Harold and Karen Henson, Ashville area, have brought produce to Clintonville Farmers' Market since 2004. Harold knows the history of the Dust Bowl of the 1930s and can speak of his own farm's irrigation needs during this hot dry year. Though circumstances are not the same as the Dust Bowl, the irrigation facts are astonishing.
The Hensons' land sits on the Teays River aquifer with a creek and a bottom-fed pond. They also have a well. Normally, irrigation supplements rain. But this year, it was dry and hot so early in the season and dry subsoil took up any moisture. At 80 degrees, a farmer needs 1" of rain per week, but twice that is needed at 90 degrees. With nothing close to that, irrigation had to substitute at 25,000 gallons equalling 1" of water per acre.
The Hensons pumped 6 million gallons of water from their pond and creek--just to irrigate sweet corn. For melons, 650,000 gallons came through drip line. They can  pump 30,000 gallons per hour from the creek and pond with 1-3/4 gal fuel--something that would take uncountable hours of manual labor.
The Hensons set up their water management system 20 years ago. For young and new farmers, creating a system that waters crops in hot dry times is expensive, time-consuming, and of course, lots of hard work. Thank you, growers of our local food for all you do.


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