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Saturday Morning Farmers' Market in Clintonville, Ohio

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What's a Tomato Worth?

What shall be the price of a just-harvested, organic or chemical-free, local tomato? Should a farmer charge what will keep his/her farm economically sustainable? Will a consumer find satisfaction and a price that's affordable?


Some consumers say they want chem-free produce, but shop at major chains because of perceived better prices. Informal research with local chains and our market confirms what's appeared in formal research: farmers' markets can compete with conventionally grown produce found in stores and with organic produce, they often do better than stores. 


The Northeast Organic Farming Association of Vermont produced one such study (more info here)
Is locally-grown and organic food really more expensive? In the summer of 2010, a team of five interns collected price data at farmers' markets, co-ops, and grocery stores across Vermont to find out. The results? If you're looking for organic, the farmers' market is the place to shop. Of the items compared, all organic products except potatoes were cheaper at the farmers' market. Results for conventional items were mixed, with some items cheaper at the farmers' market and some cheaper at grocery stores.
Clintonville Farmers' Market's non-profit board believes increasing access to fresh local food is good for customers and good for farmers. In early 2011, we chose to jump through the not-so-many hoops required to provide Electronic Benefits Transfer of Supplemental Nutrition Assistance (formerly called food stamps.) Some of the producers also take WIC and Seniors coupons. Money can also be saved in other ways at the market: by buying larger quantities and seconds that are not as pretty, purchasing produce at peak season (which is what eating seasonally is about), and eating a plant from root to shoot. Farmers know all the edible parts.


But, back to the good prices of organic produce at the farmers' market...There are other advantages to buying produce at the market...What's organic in stores is very possibly not local and certainly not as plump and recently-harvested and tasty as the tomatoes at market (see above.) And at the store, you probably won't find rare varieties like those from Slow Food's Ark of Taste. And certainly, store tomatoes don't come with a handshake and a story of how they were grown.


The local and direct farmer to consumer relationship works to sustain local farms and your plate. See you at the market!


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